Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MAY?!?!?! Really?

I can't believe we are already in May! What's crazier is Caden turns 2 in a week! It's been crazy the last couple of months. We moved out of my in-laws basement in March and now we live in Lindon. It's been working out great for us. We are in another basement apartment. The kids that live above us love Caden. Anytime Caden hears them outside he runs to the door and shouts PLAY! They have a great backyard and we're lucky that we get to take advantage of it.
Danika is getting big. She sits up on her own and grabs things. She's starting to say dada, which is cute but it would be way cuter if she said mama! She's getting more hair, which makes me happy! :) It's coming in very blonde. So I guess we have blonde hair, blue eye babies! So to adjust to Utah and stay busy we got season passes to the Hogle Zoo and to Thanksgiving Point. We've gone twice to both now. I'm sure we'll go a lot this summer to really make it worth it.


jlbunting.com said...

Time flies, right?! I can't believe our boys are almost 2! Happy birthday Caden.

Michelle Michel said...

So cute. I'm so glad you are adjusting well and doing so great. I miss you like crazy! I'm sorry you had to found out via fb I was pregnant. I should have told u before but I really wanted to go to my 12 week apt first to make sure all was well. I love u and ur kids are so dang cute.