Friday, June 11, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend in Vegas

For the past couple years, Brandon has gotten together with all his old apartment buddies. Last year we all went camping at Zion's National Park and this year we all went to Vegas. Everyone was able to come except for Greg, who's going to school in Chicago and couldn't make it.
We had a lot of fun! We stayed at the Embassy Suites and played games, talked, saw Prince of Persia, went to the Bodies Exhibit, walked around the strip, and had a lot of fun. Since I was on "bed rest", Brandon rented me a wheelchair and pushed me around. I had fun with it, even though I felt stupid.
At Cheesecake Factory

Statue of Liberty made entirely of jelly beans!

Chris, Brandon, Caden, Royce, Micah, and Jason

The whole gang!

My boys were all worn out!


Brimhall Designs said...

Jacie, I just saw your prego countdown...congrats! And a girl too! Yeah! How are you feeling? Is that why you are in the wheelchair in the jellybean pic?

DJGoodwin said...

I cannot believe how OLD Caden looks these days. Doug and I were scanning the pictures on the side from when he was born to the present. So fun! I guess we'll have to start our countdown to see you... 73 days, I think!! Can't wait!