Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Summer 2011

We're still here....I just haven't updated our blog in a looooong time. Here's a quick update:
Caden is talking nonstop, climbing and jumping off everything, and basically keeping us on our toes. He loves singing - we hear him singing "Baby I like it" -Enrique Iglesias, Twinkle Twinkle, Tonight Tonight, and the "booty song" in the car. :) He's got some amazing dance moves too. He's really into playing frisbee, baseball and golf. And he's getting really good at making us laugh. He's been saying "Yoink" after doing something really good (he got that from Bolt). And he's pretty funny at his timing when he says "boing", like when he saw a really pretty girl crossing the street. haha It has given me sanity to be able to have conversations with him now. He makes me laugh so hard!

Danika has been giving us quite the scare lately. She held her breath this past weekend until she turned completely blue, fainted, and started twitching (seizure-like). It took us at least a minute before we got her to come to again. It was the scariest moment of my life. We thought we were going to lose her. We're testing her for seizures this week to make sure everything is ok. It might just be Breath holding spells, but either way I wanted to rule out seizures for sure. She's being so fun lately. She turns 1 next week. It's crazy. She loves singing at church (her idea of singing is just making one loud noise for the whole song). She also loves exploring every cupboard right now. She's extremely fast at crawling and walking around furniture. She's also very brave at getting off beds and couches by herself. She's a BIG talker and talks our ears off. It doesn't make any sense but it's super cute. Especially when she thinks she's talking on the phone. Lately we've noticed when she's around kids her age, she's super social and talkative.

She loves Caden and keeping up with him. It'll be interesting to see them once Danika gets the confidence to let go of furniture and start walking. She's still super sweet and a big mama's girl. I love it!

Brandon is still working hard at Fidelity and he's started taking a GMAT class to start preparing to go back to school for his MBA. It's been keeping him very busy. I'm working from home part time right now as an Executive Assistant for the fire department's Leadership Coach. It's nice to make my own hours and work from home when the kids give me a spare minute. I recently started playing piano again too. It's a very relaxing thing for me and I enjoy it. I've been wanting to play again but haven't until just recently when I got called as the Primary pianist in my ward.

Doug, my brother in law, did our family pictures last month. I think they turned out super cute! Check these out:

There's a quick update on our family. It's been a fun, busy summer. We went to Colorado this month to throw my mom a surprise 50th birthday party, which turned out amazing. We also went to Omaha for my sister's baby blessing - which I was pleasantly surprised with how beautiful it was there, and we did some fun camping/boating trips. We've been finding all the splash pads and parks in Utah and enjoying the summer.
Feels like there'll be a lot of changes in the next couple months with our contract running out and Brandon going back to school. It'll be interesting to see where we end up. Meanwhile, I just try to keep up with the laundry, keep the house somewhat clean, the fridge somewhat full and the kids and husband happy! Shoot, this sounds more like an annoying Christmas card now. haha sorry! :)

3 comments: said...

Danika better knock that off, that's scary! Really, I hope she is ok. That's great about Caden talking so much. Kevin still just makes a whiney noise most of the time. I know things will be much easier when he talks more
Your pictures are great! Good luck with changes in the future, I think it's exciting! We miss you guys!

heath said...

Scariness with Danika! Hope that everything checks out with the doctor and that she never, ever does that again! And your pictures are really cute. What a cute family!

ROAST said...

Hope you guys get things figured out with Danika. Sounds like you guys are doing great.